Main Lobby

Welcoming residents when coming to The Marq is the large main hall space, following with the luxurious entrance is adorned with artistic sculpture lines..

There is also the paradise garden with green trees, mixed with the soothing sound of the fountainsin order to help create a dream scenery.

In addition, the high-class reception area when clad in marble and decorated with colorful paintings brings the quintessential spirit to residents when entering the building.


The library is well-decorated with many quality titles, in order to create a “language party” for the intellectual life of residents at The Marq.


When living in at apartments, choosing a place to hold family event is always a concern for any resident.

At The Marq, the Banquet room was built with the purpose of creating the event space for households in the most classy and private way.

Equipped with a modern kitchen and luxurious marble table, this will become a place where residents come together to tighten the bond between family members and offer many special and memorable moments for everyone.

Sky Gym

Nowadays, improving health and fitness is always one of the top criteria for new generation residents. Understanding this needs, the Sky Gym with modern equipment and high quality standards will help our residents have a healthier living environment.